All Commercial buildings require regular maintenance in order to continue operating efficiently. Lighting issues often need to be addressed by a qualified Electrician. Lights that are burnt out in these commercial buildings sometimes have ballasts that need replacing. They also can be of different voltages which can increase the risk of getting shocked. Call Axford Electrical today for any maintenance jobs that you need done!


Axford Electrical has the skills and knowledge necessary to accommodate all of your lighting needs. We will work with you to plan your lighting modifications. We will then bring that plan to life using the most energy efficient and up-to-date lighting products currently available. When it comes to lighting no job is too big or too small, we do it all! Some of the lighting services we offer: Shops Garages High Bays Homes Offices Sheds Crawlspaces Pot Lights Center Lights Track Lights Motion Lights Pendants Sconces Valances Under Cabinet Kicks Stairs Landscape Low Voltage

Cable Runs

Axford Electrical is able to run cables to all of your devices, appliances and equipment. We can run cables in homes, shops, offices, restaurants, apartments, trailers, warehouses and more. Outdoor cables and cables located in a wet environment must be weatherproof. Indoor rated cables should only be used indoors. All cables must be installed and protected appropriately. Axford Electrical will ensure cable run installs will meet or exceed the standards set forth in the Canadian Electrical Code. It’s important that a licensed electrician is consulted before attempting to do any wiring yourself. There are hundreds of types of wires and […]

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